Sail Croatia

02nd August 2019

World’s leading premium yacht charter company

Sail Croatia is a family-owned business that specialises in cruises around the stunning coastline of Croatia. Sail Croatia offers an unparalleled cruising experience for various travel styles and budgets, ranging from luxury small ship cruising to active cruises, party cruises and yacht experiences.

Sail Croatia strongly believes in supporting sustainable tourism by investing in small and locally-run business partnerships. As such, each of the ships they charter is family-owned and operated. This is important to their business as it is a direct investment back into these communities and offers an authentic and traditional experience for customers.

With a deep passion and respect for Croatian culture, history and its natural beauty, Sail Croatia strive for excellence as a market leader within the tourism industry. Using today’s technology they feedback directly from customers to their team, captains, crew, operations and management. 

The Sail Croatia app

In their commitment to constantly improve and innovate to create 'rewarding life experiences', Sail Croatia decided to digitise essential information about their cruises and yacht tours and create their own branded app with Criton. The app has been incredibly well received by customers and, in July alone, it reached almost 2,000 downloads

The Sail Croatia app contains 10 individual apps, one for each of the most popular cruise and yacht tour experiences, including the Elegance Cruise, the Under 35's Yacht Tour and the Explorer Cruise. 

Every app contains:

  • The itinerary with detailed information on the day-to-day activities
  • Excursions available to book during the trip
  • Information on meeting points and departure
  • Important safety information about life on the boat
  • Photos, videos, maps and weather forecasts

The app enables Sail Croatia to send push notifications to all app users with information, suggestions, alerts and offers. 

Sail Croatia


“We recently created a Sail Croatia app, allowing us to move from information printed in booklets to an online platform. This move is in line with our shift to be more environmentally friendly across all aspects of our business. The app covers our needs and has been well received by clients onboard our ships. Criton have been seamless to liaise with and communication has always been easy!”

Jayde Cox, Marketing Manager, Sail Croatia

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