Cheval Residences

24th April 2019

Cheval Residences is an award-winning, five-star serviced apartment group, based in the UK and manages eight luxurious properties across London. Located in the most prestigious postcodes of the capital, Cheval Residences guarantees the finest hospitality and an unforgettable living experience. As one of the city’s leading luxury accommodation providers, the team at Cheval Residences understands what excellent hospitality means to guests and they aim to deliver nothing but the best.

The Cheval Residences App

Cheval Residences partnered with us to create their own branded app and showcase their portfolio of properties, enhance the guest experience and increase their revenues. The Cheval Residences app contains information of all the eight properties across London, the services that are offered in each one of them as well as recommendations on the best local attractions, restaurants and places to go shopping in the area.

Cheval Residences took the app a step further and added in-app messaging and ordering to allow guests to message the concierge at their convenience, whether they are in the room or out and about, and order room service with a few simple clicks. The app features also location-based push notifications, which enable Cheval to reach their guests with specific messages that are tailored to their location.

Since the launch, the app has proven to be an immense and evolving success, facilitating guest interactions with the team, providing up-to-the-minute information, and ultimately driving revenue. Cheval Residences experienced an increase in direct bookings coming directly from the app. This shows how easily guests have engaged with the platform and how they continued to use it, even to book again their stay in the properties.

Since the launch, there have been over 700 downloads of the App, both on Android and Apple devices, and an average of 35 active users per day, with over 80 unique conversations initiated by guests with the front office teams.


“There are times when people want to engage and want to talk to a human and there is that time when people want it here and now, without perhaps getting dressed and head down to the reception, and in those cases they can use our app.

I see technology as an enabler. I think that, by understanding our customers better and having more data on them, we can use technology to manage that data to tailor-make offers or promotions and personalise them to a guest. This is something we haven’t had in the past and now represents a huge opportunity”

George Westwell, Director of Cheval Residences

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