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Multiple Properties

If you have multiple locations or properties, Criton's group app platform is the right product for you! If you have multiple brands within your group, each one can have a presence, under your parent company.  It also allows your team ownership for each location; enabling them to update information at the touch of a button and maximise local information and individual offers and promotion. 

Our platform lets you compete with big brands who are already adopting this technology and will allow you to integrate exciting additions such as Digital Door Key and geo-located push notifications!

Choose this product to:

  • Contain multiple properties within one app
  • Integrate in-app messaging with guests
  • Share multiple WiFi passwords
  • Cross-sell and encourage bookings at other locations
  • Highlight all locations across a map
  • Define places of interest specific to each location
  • Content manage each location by a different staff member
  • Send tailored push notifications, geo-targeted to each location

Founder & CEO Julie Grieve gives an introduction to Criton's group functionality