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Luxury Hotels

Give your guests the power to choose how they want to engage with you. Research shows that 66% of guests report having a better experience when associated with the use of the latest technology. By digitising your guest information and creating your own branded app, you will enable your guests to start planning their stay even before they arrive, helping them enjoy a truly exceptional experience.

Today almost nine out of ten adults in the UK own a smartphone and look at it on average every 12 minutes. Mobile represents a huge opportunity to engage with and upsell your services to your guests. With your own branded app, you can not only ensure a five-star experience, but also be seen as a leader in the sector and stand out of the crowd.

How Criton can help Luxury Hotels

  • Enhance the guest experience
  • Increase direct and repeat bookings
  • Promote your services with push notifications
  • Be sustainable and save printing costs