All Your Properties Contained Within One Portal

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Information personalised to each property

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Letting Agencies

Provide a unique code for your clients to access the information they need for their individual property, contained within a digital portal.  Optimise your operations and save money by driving all your client engagement through your app.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple properties within one app
  • Pre-arrival and facilities information
  • In-app messaging with guests
  • Directions to find the property
  • How-to video guides
  • Push notifications, geo-targeted to each location

What is the difference between a Multiple Property app and an individual app?

A Multiple Property App or Group App allows you to display each venue in your company either in a publically available platform or with a login page where the user needs a code to access the property.

Will my own brand be in the app?

Yes, the app is completely white-labelled so it will have all of your own branding.

How do push notifications work?

Push notifications allow you to send messages to guests directly via the app. These can be used to promote offers, restaurants or important messages. 

What does full content control mean?

You can update your content, add new features or send push notifications to your users at any time. All changes are saved and the app will be updated instantly.

Can someone help me design my app?

We can do your app’s design and framework for you – you just have to add your content! Contact one of our Customer Success Executive either at 0800 970 4410 or send an email to