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Letting Agencies

As a letting agent you are responsible for multiple properties and locations all with their own unique offer.  With such a large inventory; using a digital resource to host all the information clients need about using appliances, accessing lock boxes for keys and location information can enhance your business operations.  

By creating your own app via our easy to use content management system, you can get rid of all those pesky user manuals (which often get lost!) and ensure your guest's have everything they need at the touch of a button.  By integrating elements such as Live Chat, we can also support your team in streamlining communications - quickly escalating any issues to a senior member of your team before they become an issue.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple properties within one app
  • Pre-arrival and facilities information
  • In-app messaging with guests
  • Directions to find the property
  • How-to video guides
  • Push notifications, geo-targeted to each location

Will my own brand be in the app?

Yes, you won't see Criton anywhere on your app - it's your digital product.

How do push notifications work?

Push notifications allow you to send messages to guests directly via the app. These can be used to promote offers, restaurants or important messages. 

Can someone help me design my app?

We can do your app’s design and framework for you – we just need your content! Contact one of our Customer Success team either at 0800 970 4410 or send an email to