Increase revenue and direct bookings

Create your own hotel app

Today more than 96% of hotel guests travel with a smartphone and 80% of travellers would use a mobile app if their favourite hotel had one. Go digital and reach your guests on their own phone by having your very own hotel app that will let you engage with your guests and up-sell your services. 

With Criton you can create a single place for all your guest-facing technology.  Give your guests the power of choice so that they can interact with you as and when they need to.

How Criton can help:

  • Encourage direct and repeat bookings
  • Transform your guest experience
  • Upsell F&B and concierge services
  • Reduce operating costs and go green
  • Reduce OTA commission
  • Drive sales and guest satisfaction
  • Have real time chat with guests
  • Maximise your staff efficiency


What is Criton?

Criton is a hospitality business which specialises in the development of luxury digital technology.

Can I speak directly to someone?

We offer a Live Chat from 10-4pm GMT or you can request a call back at 0800 970 4410.

Will my own brand be in the app?

Yes, you won't see Criton anywhere on your app - it's your digital product.