Encourage repeat bookings

Extended Stay Accommodations

Using digital technology to enhance the guest experience is vital for long stay accommodation providers. Today’s guests are becoming more tech-savvy and rely on their mobile phones to find useful information wherever they are. In fact, over 70% of U.S. travellers always use their smartphones when travelling, up from 41% in 2015 (Google Consumer Insights, 2018). 

At Criton, we simply provide accommodation operators of all sizes the ability to get their brand in the pockets of guests. Create a guest portal for your serviced apartments that not only acts as a digital concierge but also allows you to increase your revenue by encouraging repeat bookings and drive

How Criton can help Extended Stay Accommodations

  • Reduce all your guests' FAQ's
  • Showcase all apartment facilities with videos
  • Share your local knowledge with your guests
  • Include floor plans for each apartment