Create the perfect guest app

At Criton, we specialise in the hospitality industry and are developing world-leading digital technology.  We understand what our different customers' needs are. Below we list a variety of business types - if you can't find the right one for you please get in touch with us.

Luxury Hotels

For excellence in service, rooms, dining and everything else

Create a new and progressive form of luxury and cater to the standards of the modern traveller.

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Hotels Chains & Groups

All your properties in one single app

Showcase all your properties for travellers in pursuit of unique and extraordinary experiences.

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Boutique Hotels

Refine guest experience

Create a home-from-home experience making your guests' stay impossible to forget.

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Hotel Resorts

Provide the ultimate personalised holiday experience

Change how people travel and optimise on your guest experience before, during and after their holiday.

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Luxury Serviced Apartments

Let your staff focus on what's really important

Giving guests the very best experience matters and Criton helps you do just that.

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Extended Stay Accommodations

Encourage repeat bookings and loyalty

Provide that extra service to your guests and enable them to have a hassle-free stay.

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Serviced Apartment Chains & Groups

Spent less time answering repetitive FAQs

Offer today’s travellers a pleasant home combined with the excellent service.

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