The Perfect Guest Engagement Platform

Create your own branded app

Criton enables you to digitise your guestbook and create your very own hotel app that will let you engage with your guests, save money and earn more from every booking. Criton puts you in complete control of your guest experience and gives you access to the same technology that the big chains already adopt.

Research shows that 76% of travellers named their mobile device as their number one travel accessory and 74% of travellers would use a mobile app if their favourite hotel had one. 

How Criton can help

  • Enhance your guest experience
  • Reduce OTA commissions
  • Have real-time chat with guests
  • Upsell F&B and concierge services
  • Encourage direct and repeat bookings
  • Maximise your staff efficiency
  • Reduce operating costs and go green
  • Drive sales and guest satisfaction