[eBook] How the top hotels in the world developed a perfect digital strategy

06th May 2019

The top hotels in the world have been working furiously over the past decade to stay at the forefront of innovation to compete not just in their own hotel set, but also against dominant OTAs and other online travel services.

Consumer technology adoption has created a tsunami of guest expectations as millennials expect a mobile-first culture; services that are instant, intuitive and accessible, placing more demands on hoteliers to have the digital infrastructure to support this new regime.

Big brands have had to rethink their sales propositions, customer experience, marketing engagement and infrastructure. Hotels have been forced to create new digital strategies to compete with younger and more agile digital native businesses.

Big hotel brands - such as Hilton, Virgin Hotels, Accor Hotels, Hyatt, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Novotel, Best Western, Hub by Premier Inn - have trialled new technologies and approaches that will enable independent hotels to select only the most successful.