How to Increase the Average Occupancy of Your Hotel

27th February 2020

Increase average hotel occupancy

Low occupancy can affect any hotels, especially wintertime or unpopular midweek dates. However, there are many strategies that hotels can use to boost demand and get guests back through their doors. Instead of focusing on slashing prices, take a look at the following ideas and see how you could increase the average occupancy of your hotel.

Consider new audiences

The best way to create a huge upsurge in demand is by successfully targeting a new market. Consider the audiences that your hotel has attracted in the past and think about any potential target markets that you might be overlooking. Keep an eye on your competition for inspiration.

Use promotions and packages 

Dramatically reducing prices can be damaging to your reputation. So steer clear of rock bottom prices, and instead offer guests new packages complete with indulgent treats that impress them and encourage them to return time and time again.

Introduce loyalty programmes

Loyalty programmes can be hugely beneficial for hotels, and they’re particularly welcome during quieter times of the year. Offer loyal guests money off future bookings, or free meals and spa treatments when they next stay with you. Make sure your loyalty scheme is transparent, easy to understand and far more tempting than those of your competitors.

Work with local events

If your local town is hosting a large-scale event, make your business known to the organisers. Consider sponsoring an event to get your name out there, or create a collection of packages specifically designed for attendees.

Partner with businesses

Local businesses may well book a significant number of hotel rooms in your area, so these connections can be invaluable. Introduce your business to key decision makers in local businesses, and work with companies in the area to design a range of corporate packages that meet their needs.

Create a social strategy

Social media offers incredible potential when it comes to boosting bookings, so think carefully about your social strategy. Make use of a range of social channels and share compelling content about your hotel. Before long you’ll have created a buzz that piques the interest of future customers.

A drop in occupancy can be worrisome for any hotel business, but there are so many ways in which hotels can combat this problem. Increase your average occupancy using the above tips, and before long your guest numbers will be through the roof again.

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