Hotel website traffic, conversions and revenue from mobile devices increase in 2020 

01st December 2020

hotels mobile usage 2020

Hotel Benchmark, the platform that enables luxury hoteliers to discover how their marketing measures up against industry averages, provided very insightful data that clearly shows a significant increase in hotel website traffic, conversions, transactions and revenue coming from mobile phones. 

The data from Hotel Benchmark comprises 152 4&5* UK hotels and shows that, between October 2019 and October 2020, website traffic from mobile phones has increased by 17%. They also saw corresponding drops of 14% on desktop and 43% from tablets. 

That data also shows that website conversions on mobile phones have increased by 15% while dropping by 14% on desktop and 37% from tablets. 

Significantly hotels have seen a 34% increase in transactions from mobile phones. Transactions from desktop and tablet have decreased respectively by 1% and 60%. 

Most importantly, hotel revenue from mobile has increased by 47%, while decreasing by 4% on desktop and by 57% on tablet, compared to the same period last year. 

Data from Criton shows that, in the 3-month period from Aug to Oct 2019 and from Aug to Oct 2020, Criton customers have experienced a 170% increase in app downloads. 

Sunborn Hotels app

What does this mean to hotels? 

Understanding consumer behaviour is key to unlocking future opportunities. This data clearly shows that with booking on a mobile phone on the increase there is a huge opportunity to give users and guests a smooth and seamless experience on mobile devices, as this has the potential to drive 47% more revenue than it did in 2019. 

To deliver a safe experience, more independent hotels than ever before have digitised their services and created a contactless guest app. The apps have been welcomed and used by guests, as hoteliers that were already using an app in 2019 have seen a 170% increase in downloads.  

What is the average hotel conversion rate? And how does your hotel compare? 

80 Days, the company behind Hotel Benchmark, have conducted some research for you and you can find out more on this article.

Join 500 hotels in 50 countries and sign up to Hotel Benchmark for free and discover how your hotel conversion rate compares to the industry average.