How a hotel app can help improve the hotel guest experience

14th January 2020

app to enhance the guest experience

Meet your guests’ digital demand via personalisation

When it comes to providing a better guest experience, hotels are constantly looking for new ways to connect with their guests. So far hoteliers mainly focus on the customer service within the hotel room but rarely thought outside of the room. Hotels nowadays need to offer not just a bed but a holistic experience.

Modern travellers are increasingly looking for experiential travel and expect hotel staff to know local areas inside out and share information personalised to the guest’s individual likes. These days globetrotters are seeking to explore hidden gems, interact with locals and find places to eat and drink away from touristy neighbourhoods.

57 % of travellers feel that travel brands should personalise guest information

Communication between staff and customers has never been so important and should be a key part in a hotel’s strategy to improve guest satisfaction. Hotels can engage with guests in different ways from face-to-face interaction, in-room guestbooks or well-designed hotel website.

70% of travellers booking decisions are influenced by a hotel app or other hotel technology

To appeal to the travel-savvy generation, hotels can now create their own branded hotel app. The advantage of having a digital butler app in comparison to websites is that hotels can establish a direct connection with guests by literally having their brand in their pocket. 

The human touch with a digital twist

Mobile apps have become an integrated part of daily life and fundamentally transformed the way how we travel. The global app downloads are projected to reach 352.9 billion by 2021 and hoteliers should quickly get their branded app on their guests’ phone to future-proof their business. 

Today’s travellers anticipate immediate access to information and staff to quickly respond to requests on a 24/7 basis. By creating a guest app, hotels can provide personalised, real-time content. This way they will increase customer satisfaction, build a stronger bond and cultivate loyal customers. Here’s how hotels can get the most out of their own branded app and engage with their valuable guests before, during and after their stay.

Before stay

Welcome guests prior to their arrival and send them useful information about the hotel, how to get there to make their journey easier. Guests can start planning their trip from their couch at home.

Share your local knowledge via the app and to let guests make the most of their time and have an authentic stay by taking in the unique local culture and style.

Upload your own image gallery and showcase your hotel in the best light. Inspire them to book a table at your restaurant after seeing pictures of the exquisite menu.

Speed up your guest check-in process with a PMS integration by collecting all the guests’ information you need even before they arrive. Know exactly when your guests are arriving and eliminate their waiting times at your front desk.

Streamline your guest journey and allow your guests to unlock their room directly via their own device by integrating digital door key into your hotel app.

During stay

Communicate easily with via in-app messaging. Guests can contact your staff directly and order room service, share concerns or even compliments. Requests will land directly in your inbox and reduce calls to the reception for frequently-requested items.

Promote special offers and upsell services by sending push notification. It’s a smooth and simple way to inform guests about last minutes slots and cancellation in your restaurant or spa.

Facilitate early bookings or late check-outs. Are your guests early risers, or do they fancy spending a little longer in bed? With the app you can give your guest the option to update you in the app.

Post stay

Encourage guests to leave a review on social media by linking your profile to the app. It’s more personal than an anonymous follow-up email and ensures more reviews. Let them fill in feedback forms and voice any concerns before they get published.

Tap into your guests’ mindset and gain valuable insights about guest behaviour, which can be utilised and leveraged to create personalised offerings and services.

If you have multiple properties showcase their unique personality in one app to reinforce your brand.

Reward your guest for their booking and give them an incentive to book again to drive loyalty. Encourage your guests to book direct and save on commission and increase profit.

Guest engagement app for hotels and serviced apartments

Several big hotel chains have already adopted loyalty and booking apps, but this technology is not only restricted to them. Creating and maintaining apps is no longer costly or complex, because no technical knowledge is required and the operator owns the content, making it easy to amend and update. This opens a new playing field in the hospitality industry and enables all accommodation providers – large and small – to engage with their guests on a personal level and enrich and personalise their experience.

How Criton can help you

Criton is an award-winning technology provider which enables hotels and serviced apartment operators to take the guest experience to the next level with a sophisticated mobile app. Criton helps hotels to streamline the entire guest journey and maximise in-stay revenue. Get in touch today to find out how we can help your business. 

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