From Small Acorns

24th September 2018

During the heat wave that swept across the UK at the start of this summer, I visited the beautiful Isle of Arran, just off the west coast of Scotland. Nicknamed ‘Scotland in miniature’, the small island is host to Auchrannie Resort, one of Criton’s early clients who launched their app 11 months ago. The team have completely transformed their approach to guest information with Front Of House staff signposting their app as soon as the guest has booked their stay; and is one of the first things they highlight upon check-in.

The team are a great example of how digitising guest information can transform a business by saving time and money; allowing staff flexibility to focus on other areas of work. Their app averages over 100 downloads per week (1 in 3 guests) with over 40% of their guests keeping the app after it is downloaded. For many independent businesses embracing technology can seem daunting. There is often fear about having a lack of technical expertise or a concern around staff time; however, Auchrannie is a great success story in how adopting technology can benefit your business.

When I came up with the idea of Criton it was in response to a gap in the market. How could I make life easier for my team and save money? My background in hospitality was a key driving force – I understand the pain points that an accommodation business has and have created an easy to use, affordable system to enable you to digitise your information. I firmly believe that own device is the future. Your guests are travelling with their own phone, tablet and laptop; so why put more tech in their room? They want the ease of everything on their own handset and with Criton that’s easy to do!

They say that from small acorns, great oak trees grow. That can be said of how a guest book expands and evolves and it’s the same for Criton. While our clients and the industry all experienced a busy summer, we were in the midst of launching our new group product. Businesses with more than one property are now able to group information for each one, with an over-arching parent app – while retaining the unique personality and brand of each one.  We launched with London-based luxury apartments Cheval Residences who recognised the opportunity to create a single portal for all their guest information. Cheval have also integrated Benbria Loop which lets the apartments fulfil all guest requests via a single inbox.

This week we welcome the start of another busy events season and will be exhibiting at exhibitions and events across the country. For more information and up to date new on what the Criton team are up to please follow us on twitter @CritonHQ or sign up to receive our newsletter via our shiny new website at