[eBook]: The Definitive Guide to Getting More Bookings

22nd July 2017

The hospitality industry is a competitive one. Whether you own a vacation rental, B&B, Guest House, Holiday let or if you are an Airbnb host, you must differentiate your property and make sure your listing is great. In this guide, we cover how to improve your listing and increase your bookings.

What's Inside

  • Description helps the imagination: how to make a compelling description for your holiday rental and set the right expectations for your guests
  • Quality photos: all our tips to make your property more attractive with quality photos.
  • Right price: getting your pricing right can be difficult. Read our tips to make sure to be competitive and grow your revenue.
  • Make booking easy: online booking has become a standard, make sure booking your property is easy.
  • Reviews = bookings: how to get more bookings and deal with them.

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