Put guests' safety first with your own hotel app, free until 2021

30th March 2020

Coronavirus Offer Free Hotel App

The Coronavirus outbreak has hit the hospitality industry hard and here at Criton we are determined to help hotels now so that, when the crisis is over, they will be ready. 

People have become more conscious of and often concerned about what they touch. With Criton, hotels can create their own branded app that will enable them to put guests' safety first and save money, as they do not need to worry about cleaning or replacing the in-room guestbook. With their mobile app, hotels can enhance the guest experience and stay connected with their guests by giving them everything they need on their own phone. 

Cheval Residences guest app

How can Criton help you?
  • Put your guests' safety first, reduce touchpoints and ditch your guest directory
  • Create your own app and give everything your guests need on their own phone
  • Save the money and time required to produce, print and update your guest services directory
  • Let your guests order F&B and in-room service from their own phone
  • Enhance the guest experience
Put your guests' safety first, save money and maintain guest engagement free of charge until 2021.

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