7 simple ways to promote your hotel app and ensure it's a success

28th August 2019

promote your hotel app

Today, 74% of travellers would use a hotel app if their favourite hotel was to have one. So, if you have your own mobile app, you’re already on the right path towards offering what guests want. 

While your app can help you streamline the entire guest journey and increase guest engagement through mobile check-in and check-out, digital key, in-room ordering, messaging and a loyalty programme, how can you ensure that your guests download the app and make the most of it? 

We have compiled a list with our top tips to promote your app and make sure it’s a success. 

1. Promote your hotel app on your website

If you have a strategy in place to increase your website traffic and drive more direct bookings, make sure to further boost the engagement with your guests by promoting your app on the homepage of your website, like in the example below from our client Cheval Residences

Cheval app

You could also create a page on your site dedicated to your app where you can highlight the benefits of using the app and mention the special offers that are contained within it, like in the examples below.

Cheval app

Cheval Residences mobile app

2. Mention the app on confirmation emails and focus on the benefits

Make sure to tell your guests about your hotel app when you send them a confirmation email. Here you can include links to the page on your website dedicated to your app as well as links to download the app from the Google and Apple stores. Images always make information stand out, so don’t be shy and show off your app in these emails. 

3. Ensure your staff invite guests to download the app at check-in 

Don’t miss the opportunity to tell your guests about your mobile app when they check-in at reception. When guests arrive, they always ask questions about your hotel, breakfast at the restaurant and the opening times of your facilities; they will appreciate if you let them know that you offer a mobile-friendly solution to give them all the information they need, whenever they need it, during their stay on their own phone. 

4. Replace your in-room directory with a simple strut card 

One of the advantages of having an app is that you can save the time and money of producing and printing your guestbook. To drive even more downloads of your app, you can simply place a strut card in every room or apartment, like in the photo below. Your guests will then know that all the information they need will be on the app and they can take it with them whether they are in or out and about. 

5. Promote your app on social media channels

Be seen as an innovative, tech-friendly business who caters to the needs of business and modern travellers and share information on how your hotel app is there to support your guests with everything they need on your social media channels. 

fistral beach app

When promoting your app on social media, you can mention special offers that are available exclusively to the app users to encourage more downloads. 

6. Invite a travel blogger to review your property and your app

Travel bloggers are used to working with tourism, travel and hospitality businesses to promote their offerings and products. If you are thinking about a campaign to launch your app and expand your reach, this might be the perfect moment for you to invite a travel blogger for a staycation and ask them to talk about the mobile app you offer to guests. 

Dunstane Houses app
7. Promote the special offers available to your app users in your e-newsletter

Finally, as you promote your offers and services in your e-newsletter, make sure you mention your app and reserve a few special offers only to customers that download the app. 

What success looks like? 

What success looks like for you will differ from anyone else, as there are many factors to be taken into consideration, for example, size of the property, location, occupancy rate, season, etc. However, here are a few of our clients that successfully promoted their app. 

Integrating the app into their booking and check-in process, Auchrannie Resort recently reached 15,500 downloads of their app. London's leading luxury serviced apartment operator, Cheval Residences, experienced an increase in direct bookings coming directly from the app and an average of 35 active users per day, with many conversations initiated by guests with the front office teams.

How Criton can help you

Criton is an award-winning technology provider which enables hotels and serviced apartment operators to take the guest experience to the next level with a sophisticated mobile app. Criton helps hotels to streamline the entire guest journey and maximise in-stay revenue. Get in touch today to find out how we can help your business. 

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