3 Effective Ways to Upsell your Hotel Services

06th November 2017

Having a hotel app for your guests is a great way to enhance the guest experience. However, an app can also be much more than a simple guide – it can be a great conversion tool for your guests who are considering using your services. In this blog, we will go over 3 simple and efficient ways to upsell your hotel’s services with your mobile app.

#1 – Push Notifications

Push notifications are messages that are sent to all your app’s users. They are very easy to send and can contain media content, links or just a message. They can be particularly effective to promote special offers or services. Does your hotel have a restaurant or a bar? Send a push notification with a special offer or just inform your guests that they are open. The message will display instantly on their devices.

Push notifications can also be scheduled and repeated, meaning your staff will not have to manually send a message each time they went to communicate to your guests. It is a very direct form of communication that ensure all your app’s users get the message.

  • Best practice: Push notifications can be great if you use them correctly. Remember to not send too many or it might put your guests off. Be clear and concise in your message. If possible, use an image or a link as they are more engaging.

#2 – Guest Messaging

A mobile app is all about convenience. Guest messaging takes that one step further. There are tools that let your guests message your staff directly from your app. This means guests can order in-room services simply by chatting with your staff. No need to call reception anymore. Furthermore, this is a more personalised way of communicating with your guests.

  • Best practice: Guest messaging tools give you more information about your guests. Personalise your messages and make sure to have your staff ready to answer as quickly as possible as guests will expect a quick reply.

#3 – Online Booking

If you have services that your guests can book online, you should include them in your app. One of our customers, Auchrannie Resort, has restaurants and a spa. They added these services in their app and their guests can directly book or call from the app (Read the Auchrannie Resort Case Study). The more convenient you make it for your guests, the more likely they will be to use your services. 85% of travelers book activities on their mobile devices (source: Adweek), so there is definitely a big opportunity to upsell your services through your app.

  • Best practice: Make sure your online booking system works well on mobile.