Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.  If you can't find what you're looking for please look at our Support section or email and one of the team will be on hand to help.

Hotel App Criton

About Criton

What is Criton?

Criton is a hospitality business which specialises in the development of luxury digital technology.

Where did the name Criton come from?

We were looking for the name of a butler and Kryten from Red Dwarf came up and that led us to the story of The Admirable Crichton. We loved the story and the rest is history. We removed the ‘ch’ because it makes it easier to pronounce!

What is Information Apps?

The company which owns Criton. We now operate under the name Criton (formerly it was split between Criton and Information Apps).

How do I contact Criton?

You can either fill out our Contact form, request a call back at 0800 970 4410 or send an email to We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Can I speak directly to someone?

We offer a Live Chat from 10-4pm GMT or you can request a call back at 0800 970 4410.

How do I apply to work at Criton?

Want to work with us? Discover our available positions at our Careers page.

Creating an app

Will my own brand be in the app?

Yes, you won't see Criton anywhere on your app - it's your digital product.

How do push notifications work?

Push notifications allow you to send messages to guests directly via the app. These can be used to promote offers, restaurants or important messages. 

How do I set up an Apple developer account?

To publish an app on the Apple App Store, you will need your own Developer Account. Learn more about the Apple Developer Program here

Where can I find more information on how to build my app?

You don't need to worry about a thing - we do it all for you! Just get in touch with us or book a demo for more information. 

Can someone help me design my app?

We can do your app’s design and framework for you – we just need your content! Contact one of our Customer Success team either at 0800 970 4410 or send an email to

Promoting the app

How do Criton help me promote my app?

We have built templates that you can edit and customise with your brand to share your app with your visitors. 

How can I promote my app to customers before they arrive?

Encourage your customers to download our app as soon as they book and remind them each time you contact them prior to arrival. 

How do my guests find my app?

If it's an iOS/Android app it will be searchable within the app stores.