Discover the main features of Criton, the intuitive app builder for the hospitality and tourism industry. Create your own white-labelled portal for your guests and visitors and offer them the content, information and functionalities they need and want on their own devices.


Local activities and places

Guide your guests to the best sites, activities and eateries through the power of your app. Giving your clients all the information about nearby places of interest means that you don’t have to make assumptions about what they’ll be interested in.

Mobile Booking


Make booking your property as easy as falling off a log and encourage repeat bookings from within your own Criton app.

How to videos for serviced apartments app

How-to guides

Video and written instructions

Help your guests use the appliances. With the power and ease of video guides, you can instruct your guests on absolutely anything you want. Simply record the video on your phone or camera, and upload it to your app.

Push notification to increase guest experience for hotel apps

Push Notifications

Offers, alerts and reminders

Engage your guests with push notifications. Use them to set up reminders or promote special offers or events. They can contain a message, pictures or link to a web page or a feature of your app.

In-App Messaging

With Benbria Loop

Today’s guests prefer to communicate via their mobile devices. Let your guests contact you directly from the app with Loop Messenger™ and order frequently requested items for their room using Loop OnDemand™. 

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Password and instructions

Put your Wifi name and password in your app, so that your guests can easily find it – all they have to do is copy and paste the password to get connected. You can also let them know about all the nearby public Wifi hotspots so that they can stay connected even when out and about.

Criton Integration partners


Encourage your guests to review you

Link your app to TripAdvisor or any other platform to increase online guest reviews.

Custom Page

Build your own feature

Cannot find the feature you are looking for? Use our custom page to create your own! You can add any type of content – text, images, slider, attachments, buttons and more.

Location-based notifications


Let your visitors find you easily

Give your guests detailed instructions on how to find your property and enter your address or latitude and longitude to link your feature to the device's GPS or map application.

Criton App Builder Custom List

Custom List

Create your own feature with the custom lists. You can create categories and add any type of content.


early check-in / late check-out

Provide simple forms so your guests can request an early check-in or a late check-out.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram...

Integrate your social media platforms into your app so your visitors can follow you on their favourite channels.

Visitor Attractions App Criton Background


For feedback and check-out

Create your own forms for any purpose, such as guest feedback or checking out.

Getting Around

Transport information

Inform your visitors and guests about the best ways to travel in your area.

Emergency Services

Hospitals, doctors, fire services

Provide your guests easy links to call emergency services directly from your app. This can be particularly helpful for international guests.