Senior Full Stack Engineer

team criton
What does Criton do?

Criton develops a suite of products that helps hotels, resorts, and serviced apartments deliver a phenomenal guest experience. We do this by providing beautiful, customised mobile apps for guests that integrate with hospitality technology to make standard tasks like check-in and communication readily available at the swipe of their phone.  Combined with our powerful analytics platform, accommodation providers can gain valuable insight about their guests, better understanding their needs and deliver highly personalised experiences.  The result is delighted guests who get the most from their stay and hotels who have happy, repeat customers.       

What would I be doing?

This is a greenfield opportunity to get involved at ground level and take a leading role in creating a full-stack solution across mobile app, web, data analysis and our back-end services platform.  We’ll trust you to bring in best-practice distributed systems patterns, while looking for simple and clean solutions that don’t overcomplicate.  We’re focused on solving business problems using technology and keeping our efforts on building, exploring and innovating which requires a foundation of code and architecture that is easy to understand, improve and maintain.

Our solutions are developed end-to-end leveraging React/Overmind for front-end web development powered in the back end by Node.js (for our CMS) and Python / Django microservices, all running through AWS Lambda’s serverless compute technology, EC2 and ElasticSearch, Kafka, Athena for data analysis.  We’re also leading the way in commercial use of Flutter, Google’s cross-platform mobile development toolkit based on Dart and run the Flutter Scotland MeetUp where we share our expertise and learn from an open approach to community engagement.

Working within the Product Development team, the role is broad and can be shaped to the person’s existing skills and personal development plans but responsibilities will include:

  • You will lead on the development of key product features and vital sub-systems in our platform, building major components and considering architecture needs balancing short-term goals and long-term direction.
  • You will enhance your team’s skills and capabilities through mentoring, questioning, learning, code reviews and encouraging open debate about the best solutions.
  • You will take a leading role in shaping our technical strategy, working with team members and stakeholders to explore solutions that help realise the business goals through whiteboarding, documentation and prototyping.
  • You will have shared ownership for the effectiveness of the software delivery process, constantly seeking ways to reduce friction and make our end-to-end development quicker, predictable and reliable.
  • New opportunities for you to grow. At Criton, you have a lot of input in how the role is shaped to meet where you want to go with your career. 
 What type of person would succeed in this role?
  • You seek the opportunity to have your imprint on the product we develop, the way we work and the values we embody.
  • You naturally lean towards metrics and information-based decision-making. You regularly ask “What does success look like? What’s the outcome we want from this?”
  • You like to explore. You are innovative, questioning, solution-oriented and curious by nature.  A constant learner!
  • You help foster an open, supportive environment. We believe in an idea meritocracy where everyone’s ideas are welcome and the team are always open to input.
  • Technically-minded, you have a real interest for new technologies, the problems they solve and how they can be applied to real-world situations.
  • Deep sense of ownership with the determination to fail fast, learn and adapt.
  • And whatever you bring to the role! You’ll bring your own thoughts and ideas to the role and these new perspectives will enhance our environment in ways we haven’t even considered yet.   
What skills are you looking for?

We have a high bar and expect a lot from our people. But we don’t expect everyone to be there from day one. In fact, we want a few gaps! That’s why you’re seeking a new role, right? To grow, learn and develop? 

The list below is a guide but if you are, ambitious, self-driven and want the opportunity to gain this experience, we’d love to hear from you! 
  • You will have full-stack development experience across back-end / front-end technical stacks and have been the technical lead for teams or led on the development of major product features.
  • Familiarity with distributed systems and micro-services architectures, understanding how to build flexibility, scalability and resilience into solutions.
  • Experience with APIs, developing new interface definitions, data manipulation and integration protocols like REST, GraphQL, etc.
  • Proven track record of delivering measurable and meaningful business impact.
  • Some familiarity with DevOps best-practices including logging, metrics and monitoring. You consider run-time and deployment as part of your solutions.
  • Affinity for good process, showing how you’ve instilled behaviours in the organisation and continually improved what you do and how you do it.
  • Your unique skills – and the ones you want to develop! We’re highly supportive of personal development and are looking for people with ambition and a passion to improve. 
Other desirable skills
  • Hospitality industry experience.
  • Experience working with teams to create and track OKRs / KPIs.
  • Leadership experience would be a benefit – leading a team and developing team members.
What do we offer?
  • The opportunity to join a dynamic startup, pushing the boundaries in hospitality technology and getting to work on hard problems in a complex and competitive marketplace.
  • Flexible working hours, allowing for personal adjustments for work / life balance.
  • Remote working options (post Covid-19 restrictions)
  • Regular company events for social engagement and team building.
  • Investment in you and your skill development with opportunity to attend relevant events and conferences to aid career / skill development. (We recently sent developers to Flutter Europe Conference and will sponsor MeetUps).
  • Open, supportive, inclusive environment where you can explore your ideas and make a big difference to the product and business.
  • Competitive salary
  • Discretionary company bonus
  • Learning & development allowance
  • Company sick pay
  • Life Insurance

If would like to apply please send a cover letter stating why the role is of interest and your CV to